What’s the QR code for on my NoiseTools report?

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The QR codes on your NoiseTools reports can help you identify the measurement or group on that report, as each QR code is unique.

For example, if you create a report for someone, and they come back to you 6 months later and ask you to find that measurement in NoiseTools, so you can print them a slightly different report. You could search for the measurement by date or by name if it has one, or by scanning and entering the unique report id.

On measurement reports, it also contains additional information about that measurement that can be used to verify the numbers on the report.

This feature is enabled by default so simply creating a report will generate the relevant code and add it to the report. If you wish to disable this you can do so by unticking the box on page 2 of the reports wizard.

Usage and Examples

To use the Report ID you will need a QR Code reader on your mobile phone. Most modern phones are capable of running these and smartphones normally have them preinstalled. They are available in various App Stores and by searching the internet.

Simply hold your device over the code on the report and it should scan it and display the following information.

Example of Measurement: CRNT 11/05/2011 10:32:01 2:0 53.2 69.9 92.0 55.3 44.4 G123456 M79B3010000000F66
Part 1. CRNT (Cirrus Research NoiseTools)
Part 2. Date of Measurement (DD/MM/YYYY)
Part 3. Time of Measurement (HH:MM:SS)
Part 4. Duration (Seconds or Minutes:Seconds or Hours:Minutes:Seconds)
Part 5. LAeq
Part 6. LAFMax
Part 7. LCPeak
Part 8. L10
Part 9. L90
Part 10. Instrument Serial Number
Part 11. Unique Measurement Identifier

Example of Group: CRNT G79B3010000000025
Part 1. CRNT (Cirrus Research NoiseTools)
Part 2. Unique Group Identifier

To find this measurement or group in NoiseTools, you just need to go to the search box and enter the unique id you obtained above. Press return or click search and NoiseTools will show you the measurement or group in the list, click it as normal to open it.

“QR Code” is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

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